Reviving the magic of talking on the phone.

Dialup is a voice-chat app that connects you serendipitously to the people you want to stay in touch with. Try it for free on iOS or Android.

Reclaiming a bit of personal connection in a disconnected world.
Dorothy Santos, KQED
It’s the element of play that makes it so special.
Rusty Blazenhoff, BoingBoing

How does Dialup work?


Automatic calls.

Get recurring calls with people you want to talk to. Whether it's everyone you recently met at a conference, your book club, toymakers, or just you and your mom—Dialup will ring your phones on an automated schedule and pair you randomly in a one-on-one conversation.

Want to catch up with a random friend every Sunday night? You never need to remember to call anyone. Dialup calls for you.

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Deeper connections.

Get invitations to connect with friends, friends-of-friends, communities you're part of, or people you should meet based on your particular interests and available times.

Want an opportunity to discuss sci-fi writing with a stranger on a Thursday afternoon? You might match with each other in a call.

Dialup connects people in one-on-ones all over the world.


Opt-in only.

You’ll always know it’s a call from Dialup after you accept an invitation. When you pick up a call, on the other end of the phone is someone you’ve been meaning to talk to or someone you might want to meet. We use custom caller IDs instead of phone numbers to make it obvious.

Dialup is the magic of old telephones, before there were robocalls.

Surprising, magical. A deeply human side of tech.
Jonathan, entrepreneur
Instantly vulnerable and real and raw.
— Billy, comedian and podcaster
Quite literally changed the course of my entire week.
Jordan, self-employed magician
It feels like opening a surprise gift or a box of chocolates
— Maja, experience designer



Try getting a call.

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Dialup is free to join.

If you’re on desktop, find the app by scanning the QR code.